Saturday, March 10, 2012


It is known that Sant Tukaram of Dehu in Maharashtra was a religious guru of  Shivaji Maharaj whose birth day is being celebrated as per Tithi of Marathi calendar by Brahminwadi Chamchas in contradiction of government of Maharashtra well decided Birth day of Shivaji Maharaj .

Why these two birth days for Shivaji ?

The answer is in what is Tukaram Beej.

Brahmins sayon this day Sant Tukaram was doing Kirtan at noon and a Pushpak Viman came to lift him for Vaikuntha where dead people go to that place which is associated with Vishnu.

Now when we know Vishnu was a Brahmin who helped always Brahmin to finish Native Kings and establish Brahmin rule and system sending or going with living body of Tukaram to Vaikunth means no thing but modern day kidnapping and killing subsequently.

In short Brahmins finished Shivaji's guru on this day which is a sad day but hide this crime they started celebrating Shivaji Jayanti on this ay which not correct as per Shivaji's real birth date.

This is beej a mul untruth.

Will lovers and followers of Sant tukaram and Shivaji get wise and see the conspiracy of Brahmins who killed Tukaram and Shivaji also poisoning him very soon after his coronation as they did not like a so called  Shudra Varna Native Shivaji become a king and an another Shudra Tukaram reach to the status of Religious guru removing Brahmins from that position.

Nv. D.D.Raut, President, Native People's Party

Our Message to Nation : Janeu Chodo Bharat Jodo


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  2. This article appears to be motivated. From where does one bring in a conclusion that Vishnu was a Brahmin? :-)

    Also Vishnu avatars were not Brahmins. Rama was kshatriya. Krishna was a Yadav

  3. Tukaram Beej is death annuversary of Tukaram and not birth anniversary of Shivaji

  4. Sant Tukaram Maharaj left his body on the forenoon of dwitiya in Phalgun Krishna paksha.Devotees believe that Sant Tukaram left for Vaikunth on Garuda on this day Spirit of Sant Tukaram decents&vibrations created in to the tree of 'Nanduraki' where he left his body,at 12 O'clock in the noon on Tukaram Beej day.Lakhs of devotees&believers visit this place&celebrate this occasion.

    1. namaste i. Am going to that day this year2018 some one said 3 March 2018 / some one 27 March 2018 can u help me I don't know Marathi lanvage so how can I reach dehu. What is the date pls

  5. This interpretation is heard from many people yet people come to Dehu on Tukaram Beej, you know why because in his Abhangas Tukaram Maharaj himself says that he is going to Vaikuntha and advised everyone to chant Lord's names. And his going to Vaikuntha was confirmed by the ones who saw it, like Rameshwar Shastri, Nilobaray.
    But however evidences we give these people won't believe. There are many abhangas on even his Gatha was forcibly thrown into the river and the Gatha came out dry on 13th day, still we can see that same original Gatha in Dehu temple. Yet they won't believe. Why? Because mentality is atheistic.

  6. Raut Ji, please do not spread hatred by giving wrong information. At lease not in the name of Santa Tukaram. Vishnu does not have a caste. And as per verse 13 of chapter 4 of Bhagavad Geeta, caste was NOT supposed to be based on in what family a person is born. It is based on the propensities of a person and the kind of work he/she does. The words used in that verse are 'Guna Karma vibhagashah'. There is no mention of word 'Janma'. Hate only breeds more hate. Please don't spread hate.